About the PSCC

The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC) presents community-based resistance rooted in a belief in the power of popular struggle, taking various forms, such as strikes, protests, and legal campaigns, as well as supporting the call to Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

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The PSCC was formed in 2009 by prominent activists in the popular committees from all over the Occupied Territories and across the Palestinian political spectrum. Popular committees present a unique form of community based organizing and resistance in the tradition of the first Palestinian Intifada. 

The Coordination Committee was formed to facilitate fruitful communication between various villages involved in struggles against the Wall, ethnic cleansing, and various aspects of Israeli Occupation.   From the villages of Bil’in, Ni’ilin, Kufr Qaddoum, Nabi Saleh and alMaasara – known for their struggle against the wall – through the many villages of the Jordan Valley and South Mount Hebron – facing attempts of creeping ethnic cleansing to Tulkarem, Nablus, Qalqilya and West Ramallah – who all suffer and resist the various aspects of the Occupation. The committee aims to provide a base for strategic thinking on a wider scale, while retaining the independence and uniqueness of each popular committee.


Rooted in a stern belief in the power of the popular struggle to overthrow Israel’s occupation, the committee’s main objective is to encourage and strengthen the grassroots Palestinian resistance and accommodate its needs. Hoping to echo the ANC’s strategy of ungovernability, the Coordination Committee strives to encourage the emergence of new committees and initiatives and support them, regardless of their affiliation.

Israeli forces have used disproportinate force against all the bellow villages exercising their fundamental right to demonstrate. The means utilized against unarmed protesters include, but are not limited to, tear gas, grenades, stun grenades, “skunk” water cannons, rubber-coated steel bullets and, at times, even live ammunition. Leaders within the Popular Struggle Committees and large numbers of youth have been arrested on protest related charges, often as a form of intimidation. The widespread use of disproportionate force demonstrates that the phenomenon cannot be excused as individual soldiers actions, but as the execution of policy.

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The success of the Popular Struggle also relies heavily on the support of the international community through BDS initiatives, financial aid, increased visibility and direct solidarity. The Coordination Committee aims at strengthening international support networks and their direct ties to the struggle for liberty in Palestine.